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Kidney Stones

From Libby B

Dear Julia,

I am attaching a picture that I made today just to prove to you (as if you didn't already know!) that your tinctures work miracles.

As you know, my husband has been taking the GCG Tincture (Gold Coin Grass) for his kidney stones for about a year now. You recommended the GCG tea, but I knew he would never drink any significant quantity of the tea, so you recommended the tincture to help reduce the pain of his chronic stones.

My husband suffered his first kidney stone at about the age of 19 or 20. Then, [he] only had one or two more until the last two or three years. He would have bouts of pain, but not pass any stones. Then about a year ago, his episodes really increased. That is when I called you and you recommended that he try the tincture. He took the GCG for about four days, then started passing blood in his urine, at which time he ceased the tincture for fear that it was unhealthy. Within the week, he awakened one morning to intense pressure in his urinary tract (if you know what I mean). There was NO pain, but he paced around the house for about thirty minutes, then passed the 8mm stone in the picture attached below. With half a day, he had passed two more stones shown to the right of the big stone. Then about six months later, he passed the stone - with no pain after taking his tincture - which is pictured on the far right.

Unbeknownst to me, about three weeks ago, he started having more kidney stone symptoms. A week later, on Saturday morning (2/28/09), he really started experiencing intense pain. I only had a small portion of the GCG tincture available which he was reluctant to take because he was terribly nauseated, but I finally got him to take the rest of the bottle of tinctures. I E-mailed you immediately to place my order for a fresh supply. We managed to get him through the weekend with heavy doses of codeine for pain. The pain would come and go, then on Monday night, it got even more intense and we visited the ER, where he had a CAT scan which showed a 3 mm stone situated in the ureter halfway between the kidney and the bladder. Between that Monday and the following Saturday (3/7/09) he had recurring bouts of intense pain at about 36 to 48 hour intervals, during which time we medicated for pain with very large doses of codeine. On Thursday evening of that week, the package arrived from Prime Health Products and we started on the GCG tincture immediately. There was one more episode of pain the following Saturday, but no more pain after that. Finally yesterday, (3/13/09) my husband "birthed" this stone which had caused him more pain and agony that he had ever experienced in his life. The ER doctor had told him that at 3 mm it should be able to pass, but that anything over 5 mm might have to be surgically removed or "blasted" because it couldn't pass through the urinary tract passages.

This picture shows an 8 or 9 mm stone that had been "dissolved" to the point of being quite smooth, so much so that it passed quite easily - with quite a bit of pressure, but essentially NO pain. It was infinitely less upsetting than the recent 3 mm stone pictured on the left of this picture.

Kidney stones

I can only tell you that, "Lord willin'" - as they say here in the South - we will not be without our tincture from Prime Health ever again.

Thank you SO MUCH!
Libby B

PS. We named this recent stone "Baby Ralph" because my husband had such a long hard "labor."


From Grace F

I want to thank you for your guidance in providing information that has helped in my son's recovery from allergies.  Luke as I told you two years ago was exposed to penicillin by accident and was reacting to animal products with hives and edema in the face. After using Chinese bitters and a year of vegan eating, he has recovered and can now, since last September, eat eggs and buffalo meat. Now, he can have cheese and enjoy a pizza without any reaction.  I believe that with the help of the Chinese Bitters and his diet, is the reason why he healed. He is 14 and has grown 4 inches since September.

Thank you.

Constant Fatigue and Food Allergies

From Joe C

For several years now since I came home from the Persian Gulf in 1998 I have suffered from a small but serious group of illnesses. It all began with food allergies and constant diarrhea, mostly after meals, but in a couple of years I also developed a chronic low back problem resulting in daily pelvic twist in the area of the sacrum, mostly on the right side of my pelvis. Over the following years the low back problem remained but also worked its way up my back (again the right side) to my atlas vertebra which also would shift itself out of place to the right side, pinching nerves and limiting my ability to look both up and downward for more than very brief periods of time. I've become increasingly irritable, most notably after meals and suffered from constant fatigue and exhaustion. After so long of seeing doctors and specialists who could offer at best a quick (and short-lived) fix, I came across your site. I have done the liver/gall bladder cleanse twice now and passed over a pound of stones (most of which are light green and between thumb and pea size and enough to fill a 12oz cup) and I feel my symptoms are regressing, food allergies are nearly non-existent for a few days after the treatment, my mind has cleared up and my constant fatigue is not nearly so severe as it was before.

The back problem though still there is not nearly so serious, but rather has become more what it was three or so years ago and my moods for the most part have stabilized.

Headaches and Rash

From Annemarie J

Yes, I am gradually feeling better.  I take it [Chinese Bitters] by the drops because I am very sensitive and they make me very sleepy.  I take 4 drops in a little water before going to bed.  I have also noticed that taking 1 tbsp of Bentonite clay in the morning helps get rid of any lingering headaches.  So far I sleep much better and my rashes on my fingers have all cleared up!  I have been dealing with these itchy, oozing rashes on my fingers all my life, now my hands look like new! I keep looking at them in amazement!

Thank you!

Upset Stomach

From Joann A


Joann A

Stones and Adult Acne

From Pam O

Hi, I have no gall bladder but I used your tinctures to do a liver cleanse.  I stopped counting the stones at 160.  I can not tell you how much better I feel.  I have my energy back.  It has been sooo long since I had it I did not know if I would ever get it back.  So, I am saying thank you.  

I also had hundreds of pimples all over my body. I had been to the doctor and dermatologist and they said it was adult acne.  But, nothing they gave me helped.  When I saw on your site that when the liver is congested the bile backs up and crystallizes under the skin I was very interested.  Thus, since my cleanse 3 weeks ago, the pimples are going away.  It will take some time for the scars to go away.  But, I am encouraged by my results so far.  Thank you so much for your site and advice.

Thanks again,
Pam O


From Cheri F

Just wanted to let you know that I've been taking the four tinctures for one week and I feel much much better.  I've been sleeping better, I have more energy, I'm thinking clearer, my allergies aren't as severe (still need to work on this), my psoriasis is better, my bowel movements are more normal (no diarrhea), my swollen kidney is almost back to normal and my thoughts are more positive.  And I didn't feel as "dead" as I usually do the day after drinking that awful olive oil.  I actually feel like I want to live.  I've tried numerous vitamins/supplements and my husband is always complaining about all the stuff I buy.  Hopefully, I will be able to cut back on some of these things.  I've even convinced my husband to try the products which is a bigger accomplishment than what the products have done for me.  I had been seeing a Chinese doctor for several months for acupuncture and he gave me some Chinese tea, but it really never helped and I became allergic to it.

Also, my pulse now has a more normal reading.  I'm really happy I found your website.

Cheri F

Chronic Pain

From Gordon A

This is a summery of what I did the past days. As I mentioned I have been cleansing and rebuilding for the last 15 years and I have known of my weak liver all this time, but have not got it fixed the way it should be. I am impressed with what I have seen so far.

  • Fri 6/30/2006 I received my Liver/Gallbladder Flush 4-Pack, I started using it right away.

  • Sat 7/1/2006 AM I started the apple juice fast. About 1 hour before bedtime I used the all the herbs in the 4 pack, then just before bedtime I drank 1/2-cup of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil mixed with 3/4-cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 3 lemons) with 2 tea spoons of Lecithin mixed in. Then I went to bed immediately on my right side.

  • Sun 7/2/2006 in morning I drank 1 liter of warm RO filtered water containing two level teaspoons of un-iodized sea salt. The stagnant bile did rush out after drinking salt water. I continued the apple juice (and juiced radishes with green tops) fast all day and used the herbs 2 more times. Then for supper I consumed as much as I could of wiped cream with organic blueberries mixed in. I was going to do the olive oil / lemon juice before bed but I was feeling that I had no more room so I went to bed with out the oil.

  • Mon 7/3/2006 I got up this morning and drank 1 liter of warm RO filtered water containing the sea salt. The stagnant bile did rush out after drinking salt water one more time. I proceed to go off the fast with soup.

This is a small list where I had pain on Friday and where it is gone on Monday.

  1. Frontal headaches

  2. Earaches

  3. Toothaches

  4. Shoulder and neck pain

  5. Right hip pain

  6. Sleep problem do to the pain

  7. Pain in my upper left leg muscle

  8. Gut pain (inflamed small intestine)

Tue 7/4/2006 I did have the pain in my upper right leg but it is now moving down to my calf muscle and now it is gone.

The last time I had blood testing my bilirubin was at 35 (high normal is 25) and my lipases was elevated. I will go get new blood testing to see the progress.

Your herbs work great; I will now do the Liver/Gallbladder Flush as per your info. I just needed to get the stuff out ASAP and it worked. I can now go back to work.

Thank you,
Gordon A

Cholesterol and Thyroid Problems

From Phyllis H

I really have no great questions but wanted to give you a testimony.  I'm 67 years old and at the age of 23 I had hepatitis (not sure what kind).  Ever since, I've had trouble taking prescription drugs, vitamins, herbs, etc.  The doctors get very irritated with me because I always have a reaction.  I've had my parathyroid removed and radio active iodine done on my thyroid.  The last several years my cholesterol had been high & they wanted me to take cholesterol medicine, but I refused because of my history with drugs.  I've also had several gall bladder attacks but they said it was O.K.  My girls started telling me about your cleansing program & how great they felt afterwards.  They were introduced to it by a neighbor, Sue K, who is absolutely sold on it.  They talked me into the Chinese Bitters.  I took them far 5 months & really didn't want to do the flush.  I had my yearly physical a couple weeks ago and couldn't believe my blood results. In a year and half my cholesterol went from 261 down to 181.  My thyroid went in one year from 1.410 to 2.850. The only thing I have taken were the Chinese Bitters.  I am now excited about doing the flush.

Thank you,
Phyllis H

Liver Congestion

From Mary S

Ohhh dear heart,

What a gift you are in my life!!  How very much I appreciate your generous support and sharing of hope.

I just saw my friend, a massage therapist who has been following my progress and is also a primary supporter. She was able to objectively notice a remarkable improvement in my liver today....previously she palpated hard areas of congestion in my liver and today she claimed they were reduced except for one small area.  We both are wondering about the burning feet and why the peripheral nerves continue to send out pain messages...and for how long.  Hmmmmm.... My hope is that they are being repaired even as I write.

Wishing you a great w/e.

With warmest regards,

Bleeding Gums

From Odette H

I just want to thank you for your work.  I have been using your herbal mouth-rinse and it really works.  I had bone grafts surgery for my mouth 3 and a half years ago.  Since then, I have been on a 3 month recall for cleanings.  I take excellent care of my teeth now but was never able to get my plaque index below 17% and I had several spots in my mouth where I had 4's and a few 5's with occasional bleeding.

After using your mouthwash for three months, my plaque index was 3% and I had no bleeding.  Also, I only had a few spots where the gum measurement was 4.  For the first time in 3 and a half years, I was put on a 4 month recall.  I was scared to go into the dentist today because I thought it would be too good to be true that this rinse really works.  Also, For a bit, I only used it every other night because I was having a lot of sloughing off of tissue from the inside of my cheeks.  Well, this time my plaque index was 2%, there was no bleeding, and I only had one spot in my mouth that was a 4 (all the rest were 2's and 3's)!  I don't have to go back for 4 months again!  Going to the dentist on fewer time per year will save me $85 dollars which should cover the cost of the rinse.

So, thanks again!  By the way, I'm hoping your gallstone herbal program is as effective.  Fingers crossed.

Odette H

Insomnia and Poor Blood Circulation

From Robin J

I am a 45-year-old, peri-menopausal woman, who has been using your tinctures for about two weeks (Chinese Bitters, morning; Curcuma and Coptis, evening) and already found great improvement in sleep and circulation....everything you wrote about!  Thank you!  (FYI-to add more servings of fruits and veggies to my diet, I also started taking Juice Plus products, which are encapsulated, de-hydrated vegetables and fruits.)  I take no other supplements except Glucosamine/ Chondroitin, and Black Cohosh.  I plan to stop taking the Black Cohosh.

After I finish one bottle of Chinese Bitters, I'll start with the Gold Coin Cross, to ready myself for the liver flush.  After the liver flush, I plan to get started on Fem-Mate.

Thanks again!  I have confidence that your products will help me to lead a healthy life now and throughout my senior years.


From Betty T

Hello Ms. Chang:

I am one of your customers and have done two liver and gallbladder flushes and was successful on both but with different stones.  The first flush had gray balls about the size of a dime; the second had stones pretty emerald green.  Your stuff really works!!!  I'm waiting for my new cholesterol count, but wanted to tell you that my cholesterol count was about 330 before the flush, and doctors just kept increasing the cholesterol medication with no success.  I prepared for your flush for about 3 months with the Bitters and Gold Coin Grass, then after the flush my cholesterol dropped to about 240 -- they got readings they had never gotten before!!

I can't wait to get my next cholesterol count.  Thank you for your wonderful products.  They really are bitter, but I liked it better than someone taking a knife to me for surgery.

Grateful customer,
Betty T


From Jason R

Hi julia

I just wanted to write a testimonial as to how well your Chinese bitters helped me. I am 47 with type 2 diabetes. My left eye was blurry and I had stinging neuropathy in my feet. My energy level was at an all time low too.

In the first few days, my eye sight cleared up 85% then my neuropathy got much better. My A1C test was 6.4! I think my medication (Glucophage) is working better, thus keeping my glucose level lower.

Vitamins are working again. I have a good level of energy throughout the day. Your product has truly changed my life for the better. Thank you so much.

Jason R


From Vicky J

In December I developed chalazions in both my eye lids.  Then started having terrible sleep problems waking 4-5 times a night for 1-2 hours each.

I then started having constant ringing in the ears.  I had a few episodes when getting out of bed where my body took me to the right and then had severe nausea for about an hour.

Then, about a month later came the dizziness when I got out of the shower and the 4 hour liver quivering and nausea.  For about 10 days everytime I took a shower the nausea would come on, dizziness and then my hands and legs would start shaking intermittently.

Of course with the brain fog I was scared and went to the traditional doctor and they said all my blood work was normal a few months before when I went for the sideways gait and they just couldn't figure out what was going on with me.  They sent me to ENT Doctor and made an appointment with a Neurologist for my nervous system (shaking).  I cancelled the Neurologist after on the 11th day I was rocking away in my chair and looked across the room and your information which I printed up last year was sticking up out of my magazine rack.

Of course I had left over Bitters in my cabinet from last year (thank goodness) and started taking it and feeling better in 3 days.

I feel I was within days of something failing me (heart, brain, etc, if I had not started to decongest my liver).

Warm Regards.
Vicky J


From Joanne G

I have had extreme P.M.S. symptoms for about 10 years. I have tried many many remedies. Finally, I learned about FEM MATE and decided to give it a try.

My symptoms have included cramps, bloating, mood swings or depression, extreme tiredness, migraines, and a general feeling of ill health. I became to dread two weeks out of every month.

The first month on FEM-MATE I noticed that my symptoms were not as severe and noticed a marked improvement. By the second month I could not believe the difference. I had no migraine headache or bloating and my energy level was better than it had been in years. My health has improved greatly. Anything I tried up to this point has made a slim temporary improvement or none at all.

I have finally found a cure. I take just one tablespoon every day. Truly a great product. Would recommend to anyone suffering from P.M.S. Just had to let you know how happy you have made me and what a help you have been. Cannot thank you enough.

Joanne G

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