Important Note: there is apparently a company in Illinois which sells diet pills and has been charging peoples' credit cards under the name "Prime Health Products", for roughly $90. We are located in Canada, we do not sell diet pills, and we have no affiliation with this company. We do not even know their real name: Google searches on "Prime Health Products" in Illinois have been fruitless. If you believe this company wrongly charged your card, you should contact your credit-card provider and ask them to reverse the charge.

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Fraud Warning: We have received dozens of calls from people whose credit cards were charged by a "Prime Health" company which sells diet pills and is located in the Illinois area. This company is not associated with us in any way. If you believe that they fraudulently charged your credit card, we suggest that you contact your credit card company and ask them to reverse the charge.

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Note: if you wish to place an order by telephone, we recommend that you use our on-line store instead. If you must place it by telephone, please ask for Rebecca, Michael, or Christopher when you call. Julia enjoys talking to customers, but she is in her 70s, and while she is still physically fit and active, she is experiencing worsening memory issues. As a result, she may not reliably record the order if you place it with her.

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