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Cannabis herb and leaves for treatment broth, tincture, extract, oil

Plant Extracts and Herbal Tinctures in Toronto

Sensible Health captures health-boosting chemicals occurring naturally in the plants to prepare high-quality herbal tinctures in Toronto. Obtaining concentrated herbal extracts to make tinctures is quite easy and inexpensive. The process involves picking berries, bark, leaves (dried or fresh), or roots from chosen plants and letting them soak in water and alcohol or vinegar in the right proportion and for a specified duration. The alcohol or vinegar enables the plant parts to release active ingredients, which concentrate as a liquid.


Several anecdotal reports, studies, and trusted research sources have discovered potent medicinal properties and health benefits in numerous plants. Tinctures have a long-standing reputation and have been an important aspect of traditional herbal medicine for millennia. Connect with our knowledgeable herbalist to find rich herbal tinctures that will be the most beneficial for your health.

Benefits of Herbal Tinctures

Also known as liquid herbs, tinctures are administered orally and absorbed immediately into the bloodstream, unlike herbs contained in capsules or tablets with fillers that put some load on the digestive tract. Tinctures are usually inexpensive to make and provide many health benefits. They are absorbed quickly and optimally by your body, and the health benefits begin to show much quicker than standard ways of taking herbs.


Tinctures come with a longer shelf-life and have a higher concentration of plant extracts. They can be customized to offer desired benefits by adding different herbal extracts. Tinctures are easy to consume in tea, juice, and water.

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Health-boosting Tinctures

We deliver nature’s vitality in the form of easy-to-take tinctures. Let our herbalist guide you.

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