Gallstones and Gallbladder Problems

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From Theresa W


The gall bladder flush was successful for me this morning, after I passed a large number of gall stones - one really big one! I have tried so many herbs and potions over the years, which have either been a waste of time and money, or have helped only slightly. I first came across this website last year, and I tried a flush then, without success. I wish I had stuck to the instructions then instead of trying other things. Last night I took a teaspoon of gold coin grass in a cup of hot water an hour before I did the flush. I wasn't able to purchase the chinese bitters at the time. I finally now feel that I am on the right road to recovery after suffering for so many years from chronic halitosis, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, IBS/sluggish bowel, anemia and fibromyalgia. I shall continue until I am well.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.

From Marthy L

ALOHA AND MANY MANY MAHALO'S to Julia and Rebecca..i want to say thank you so much for inventing a miraculous liquid tintures ... I was quite a skeptical mom here but after reading many reviews here and on one of the Yahoo's questions site about gall stones removal one of your customers there says to use GCG Tinture because it has helped him/her ... so I was directed to your site and instead of getting the GCG ... I wanted to try your Coptis and Curcuma tintures, the taste is not so great BUT they sure do "HELP ME' with my stomach ulcer or acid reflux conditions this problem I have has been diminished alot I dont have much pain in my stomach and gall bladder.

Also being I'm at age 51 I'm in Mid-life crisis now at menopause ... sometimes I get really depressed where I wanted not to live no more ... but when I take both of your coptis and curcuma ... I feel lighter and more positive in life!! plus I notice my complexion seems brighter each day I'm taking your tonics I mean as the days go on so now I'm on my 3rd day of your products and my complexion has developed a healthier glow!!!

I have to admit julia and rebecca your tonics made a 100% BELIEVER out of me ... Next I will buy your GCG Tinture & much More!! got me here for life ... much aloha and Mahalo for this Miraculous liquid tonics!!!!! They do work!!!!! Please post this testimonial to your page this has been typed in on May 8th-2012.

From Theunis L

Hello. Here is my experience.

After two gallbladder attacks, I was diagnosed with gallstone issues and the first thing the Dr. told me was I have to have my gall bladder surgically removed! This was not an option for me, I started researching this and this led me to your website.

I totally cut out fat in my diet and proceeded with a whole [wheat] bran and skimmed milk for breakfast and a cup of green tea..lunch was reduced to a banana and an apple and dinner was a chicken breast or piece of fish and salads! the drink was water and/or apple juice. I ordered the 4 pack and as so my 6 week program begun.

So this weekend 6 weeks were done and I could do the flush.

I did the apple juice fasting as you indicated but I did not have the "diarrhea like" symptoms that was associated with the stagnant bile as you mentioned. I guess it was because I changed my drink of choice to apple juice and water long before the fasting (even before I received the 4 pack) - still I stayed with the program and had my 8 liters of apple juice for the 2 days. I had the concoction of olive oil and lemon juice and was awaken the following morning at about 2.30 am.

The first stool contained a number of small green stones as you explained and I was kind of relieved that all my dedication to this process was paying off. At about 5 am I had the warm water and sea salt and was highly surprised as to the continues amount of stones that were being expelled even more so after the water and salt cocktail. the only concern I had was the size of the stones that were being expelled was about twice the size as what the ultra sound scan showed. I was expelling stones bigger than a quarter size coin! and the scan report said "multiple stones between 9mm and 13mm" and I did expel a few, not just one or two.

Ps: in your notes you mentioned that some people took a dose of herbs 1.5 hours before the olive oil and lemon juice. I did the same just because I was afraid of a stone getting stuck in the duct. now knowing the size of the stones that were passed I am glad I did!!


I feel relieved and will defiantly use this flush again.

From Michael R

Thank you Julia for all your help. Your products work exactly as you described. I used all 4 gallbladder flush products with amazing results. My first flush yielded 45 stones all that were the size of a plain M&M. I conducted my second flush about 5 weeks later and passed another 50 stones. This time the stones were much larger ranging in size from a peanut to a large marble! Pain free and I was able to keep my gallbladder. Thank you for your amazing products and support. I encourage anyone who reads this to buy and use the products. You will not be dissappointed.


From Marilyn T

As a sufferer of gallbladder attacks for many years (and at the insistence of a good friend)I reluctantly tried the gallbladder flush. My first attempt was extremely successful and I have not looked back since! Removing the stones from my liver and gallbladder and cleaning the organs has left me with a better overall health and mood and energy. Regular detoxifying over the past five years of using your products has given me a very good sense of well-being despite being diabetic. I am now starting my 72nd year of life and find it physically worth living. Thank you. A previously skeptical SKEPTIC!

From Andrea L

Hi Julia, I would love to post my testimonial for my husband and myself. We love your products!!!

My husband suffered a terrible gallbladder attack and after an ultrasound was told that he had a stone that was about an inch in diameter and that he would never pass it. He was told that he needed his gallbladder out. Then I found Sensible Health. He started the 4pack right away. Three weeks later he did his first flush. He not only got out a one inch stone but about 10 more one inch stones followed along with over 50 fairly large stones and many more small ones. The flush went exactly as we were told. Julia helped us every step of the way!

Meanwhile I had been building up stones myself after having my third child and losing all of my baby weight very rapidly. I had an attack that was verified by ultrasound and it put me in the hospital for 3 days because of infection. I couldnt wait to get out to start the 4pack and I did. I have now completed my first flush and am starting the 4pack again this weekend to work towards my second flush.

I will be doing two more and so far I feel great! No more pain! My husband is on his third flush and he has no problems as well. He even tried some of his "trigger" foods and did just fine! I thank God that we found your website and that we were able to escape surgery.

Most importantly I think that this is something that is a blessing in disguise because I think whether or not you actually do have gallbladder issues that everyone should be doing this flush just for maintenance of good health!!! Thank you , thank you , thank you!

From Donna S

Dear Rebecca

Just wanted to inform you that after 2 flushes and with another approaching, I have noticed a vastly positive difference in my health.

I no longer experience the hellish toxic feeling in my bones and blood each morning. An energy and mental clarity has returned which has meant that I no longer silently scream to be in bed by 6pm. Also, and interestingly, my shoulder pain is no longer searing and my last period was pain free and not so nearly as heavy.

I know I have a long way to go before I reach optimum health and I will continue to follow your intructions on the web-site and order more herbs.

Meanwhile I am enjoying yoga again (and perhaps the gym soon) and looking to go back into a more responsible work regime.

Many thanks for your continuing support and fantastic web-site.

Best wishes and good health.

Donna S

From Lon W

I am generally very skeptical of how things should work because they rarely do for me. I followed the instructions taking two rounds of GCG and the other tinctures, did the apple juice and all of the other things and finally had success. It worked pretty much the way you said it would. It took longer for the end result by a day but the result was good. I had about 20 stones mostly small but a couple the size of a peanut. I will do this again in a couple of months and am very thankful for the work and thought that has been put into this method. I called because I was very anxious due to the size of one of my stones and my chiropracter's reluctance. But there was zero pain during the flush and no pain in my gall bladder since that time. I don't feel any difference other than that but know I will eventually after a couple more flushes. It has taken me years to get this way so more time is to be expected. I am a 50 year old male and am very thankful for no pain in my side and chest. I had my first attack in Jan 07 and have changed my diet quite a bit. Thanks again.

Lon W

From Pam P

Dear Rebecca/Julia,

It has been awhile, since last contacting you. I have used all of your extracts off and on, sometimes using them in conjunction with other protocols. Great results! Since Nov 2007, I've completed 16 liver flushes, resulting in the release of hundreds of stones various in color and texture. The "football fullness" that I felt initially under my right rib cage has been gone for a long while.

This has become an important part of my life that, Lord willing, will continue for the rest of my life. I don't relish that idea, but I'm so thankful to be able to help myself, and to have a bit of control over what happens to me. It has been 5 months since my family doctor told me that I would need surgery to remove my packed and huge gallbladder.

My eating habits have changed to a healthier type, and the feeling of wellness is so unbelieveable. This is definitely what they call a lifestyle change! The addition of simply walking has paid off too.

The blood pressure medication that I was given, a year and a half ago, is half of the dose I started on. With continued flushing, and loss of more weight I hope to get off the medication all together.

Being able to make these choices, and see these results, have encouraged me to continue. These are wonderful and powerful extracts that have turned my life around...thanks for all of your assistance.


From Libby B

Julia, I have a "testimonial" for your Gold Coin Grass tincture.  The last time I spoke with you about six months ago, it was about my husband's chronic kidney stone pain.  You suggested the kidney tea, which I have actually used before.  But knowing him, I knew he wouldn't follow that regimen for long enough to help. You told me that the GCG tincture would keep him from experiencing pain, so I started him on that.  After about three days of using the tincture he started experiencing some blood in his urine.  It frightened him and he quit using the tincture (and had some unkind words about my "natural remedies".)  The big problem was that we were afraid that he would only be able to get relief from having the laser kidney stone "zapper".  We have NO insurance, which means it would have cost at least $25,000 and that was not an option at this point.

Well, about four or five days after taking the tincture he got up very early one morning complaining of extreme pressure in his lower abdomen - not pain, just pressure.  I told him to drink as much tap water as he could. He paced around for a little while, then went to the bathroom, and proudly came out bearing a very large kidney stone in the palm of his hand that he had passed with no pain at all.  It was large - about the size of my little fingernail - but very smooth as I guess the tincture has dissolved the outer surface of the stone and it passed through with no pain. Within the hour he passed two more smooth small stones, and has been symptom free since.

Thanks again - don't know what we'd do without your fantastic products!


From Scott H

Hi I had gallstones, and was sent to a surgeon after these were found via sonogram.  I did 2-3 flushes and went through 2 bottles of GCG.  about a year or 2 later I had another sonogram and no gallstones!

Thanks a million!
Scott in NC

From Anthony B

I have used your gall bladder/liver tinctures with great success. I was able to release hundreds and hundreds of stones with no pain. They were green and varied in sizes from pinhead to peanut size. I also released lots of stagnant bile that smelled bad, was greenish in color and looked like tubes of cut up spaghetti!! YUCK!!

Thanks for the products.
Anthony B

From Sandy S

I just wanted to thank you so much for this website. I only wish I knew about this years ago. The most current health issue I have is IBS. When I went to the doctor about 10 years ago with pains in my lower right side I was diagnosed with IBS. During the diagnoses they found pools of blood vessels in my liver. At the time they said they were very small and nothing to worry about. Over the next couple of years I had to have a hysterectomy because of endometriosis and was placed on estrogen. After taking the estrogen for a couple of years the pools of blood vessels began to grow, but again I was told by the doctors not to worry about them because they were not cancer. I stopped taking the estrogen and the pools of blood vessels stopped growing. I still suffered from IBS and was taking medications. I have always suffered from neck and shoulder pain thinking it was my spine being out of alignment.

One day I have a very painful attack on my right side. When I called my doctor they told me that they thought it could be my gallbladder but they still had the ultrasound from 6 month prior and did not see anything that would indicate gallbladder. At that time I searched the Internet to see what symptoms of gallbladder problems and found your website. I thought I would take a chance and give the gallbladder flush a try. I just finish the flush and I feel so much better!!!! I am going to schedule an appointment to have the ultrasound done to see if I still have the pools of blood vessels in my liver. I can tell you since I have been drinking the warm water first thing in the morning I have not had the symptoms of the IBS and have not had to take my medication since I started the morning water. Just one day after the flush I feel better than I have ever felt. If you would like I would be glad to write you the results of my tests. Thank you again so much for your website and your products!!


From Sue S

I don't know what position you hold at the company, but I wanted to let some one know that my husband has cancelled his gall bladder surgery because the Gold Coin Grass has diminished his symptoms substantially.  Thank you , thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

From Omar F

I am emailing you to tell you about my experience with the Liver flush/ Gallbladder cleanse on your website. I am currently on the third day of the flush. All I can say is that I am truly amazed by the results thus far. I had been having gallbladder discomfort for some weeks prior to the flush when I came across your website. I read about the symptoms of gallbladder pain (I could definitely relate) on a Tuesday. Tuesday night I went to the supermarket and bought some apple cider. I had the other ingredients in my pantry at home. I started the cleanse the next day. The fasting was relatively easy, as I had fasted in the past. Thursday night, my second day on the cleanse(9PM), I drank the 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of olive oil (which wasn't as bad as I expected). I laid on my right side immediately after and stayed in that position for at least 1 hour. During the night I became quite noxious, and did not sleep very well. At 5am I had the urge to use the restroom. I was amazed at what I saw. As I mentioned, I had fasted and cleansed in the past, but I never achieved the same results. Although the stones were different than I expected, they were there. They were a dark green, almost black in color. In my first movement, they were quite large. On the second, they were smaller, about the size of peas. By my third movement, they were quite smaller. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical the night before, but now I truly believe. I drank the saltwater at about 5:15, and went back to bed.  I feel great as I am writing, and know that I will definitely use your cleanse again. My pain has completely subsided! Thanks for the honest advice.

I should also comment on the Liver cleanse- On my first day of the fast, I immediately had the urge to use the restroom. I believe that I did expel the extra bile from my liver, as it was watery, and yellow. I never knew the acidic properties in cider were that powerful.

Once again, thank you for your honest advice. I feel great!

From Linda A

Thank you very much for your help. Your Gold Coin Grass is the absolute best! It pulled me out of heading for some real pain.  I've never had pain because of it. Because I caught it in time after finding your product. I know it dissolved my little stones (I had lots of small stones I was told) to sand a year or two ago. I had evidence with every bowel movement! Thank you guys, you are a life saver. I can feel that it's time to do it again and proceed to the flush this time.

Thanks again. Sincerely,

From Ellen S

First, I want to say that after taking Chinese Bitters and GCG last year, I am free of gallbladder attacks! As my first flush did not work well (only a few stones), you advised me to use Chinese Bitters before taking GCG, and then do the flush again. I was unable to complete the second flush because of nausea, but the herbs worked without the flush. The stones seemed to have been broken up and passed through my stool, as I could see beige specks for some time afterward.

I plan to do yearly maintenance cleanses from now on.

Thank you,
Ellen S

From Doris W

My mother took 1 Tbs each of Coptis and Curcuma last night and had a good night's sleep without gall bladder pain! We were both very relieved. I will have to make sure she does not run out of it again. Thank you ever so much for all the help you offer!

Wishing you much health,
Doris W

From Juan C

My name is Juan C. I live in the USA but I was born in Mexico.

My grandfather (on my mother side) dedicated his life on treating and healing people with herbal remedies. Herbs mainly available in Mexico and some in other parts of the world.

I want to thank you for your wonderful remedy for gallbladder stones. My wife Rosa was detected having these stones and one of them 3 cm big. She had horrible pain but your GCG helped her very much.

I have ordered the new combined pack you have to have her flush them.

All the Best!
Juan C

From Lori P


Just wanted to say this is the single most greatest website I have ever found.

I am a TCM student who also suffered from gallstones. This site has helped me immensely not only with my own health but with my personal studies at school also.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH

I have gotten rid of my allergies and menstrual cramps in addition to helping my gallbladder problems.

Lori P

From Barbara M

First, THANK YOU for the gallstone treatment.  My husband was scheduled for surgery, however I told him about your flush - we did it together and passed a lot of stones.  He hasn't had any more pain and, he didn't go in for surgery.

Barbara M

From Phil B

I've just ordered a bottle of GOLD COIN GRASS and I can well attest to the amazing action of this tincture.

Three or four years ago I had my first bout with gallstones.  I felt very ill and did not want to undergo surgery.  I went to the web and was lucky enough to find your website.  I read all of your information and began a gallbladder flush right away.  I only passed a few stones and still felt poorly.

I called you and talked with you about my situation.  At that time I was going through a bit of a bad time financially and you were very kind in giving me a special deal on pricing as well as expediting the shipping.  The GOLD COIN GRASS worked immediately.  I began to feel better and when I performed the next flush I passed over (approximately) 300 stones.

Unfortunately for me, I have not been faithful in regular maintenance and am feeling the onset of another bout with my gallbladder.  Thanks to your kindness and concern as well as your wonderful products I now know what to do and will continue to come to you whenever the need may strike.

Once again, many thanks.

Best Regards,
Phil B

From Timothy T

Dear Julia:

When I started taking GCG on 1/18/03, my gallbladder was full (literally) with sludge and non-specific stones (unable to determine size and number due to thickness of sludge).  I recently had another ultrasound on  4/30/03. I got the doctor's report today. The sludge is "completely" gone, or the condition "resolved" per the doctor's notes. I have one "small" (approximately 25mm) gallstone. I am amazed. By the way, so is my doctor. I plan to continue the GCG until the remaining stone is gone.

Thank You Julia. I sincerely believe that the GCG and a radical change in my diet has produced these results. I think I will be able to keep my gallbladder after all.

Again - Thank You!


My mistake on the stone size. The doctor showed me the pictures from the ultrasounds (before and after). We saw one stone. I asked him about the size. He estimated about a quarter of an inch in diameter (I don't know why I translated it to 25MM?). He even mentioned that there was a possibility that I might pass the stone. He was very amazed at the difference between the "before" scan and the new one. The "before" scan was completely clouded "filled" with sludge. It was hard to make out any specific outlines of any stones. The new scan was completely "clear" (no sludge), with the specific outline of one small stone. I plan to continue taking the GCG until the remaining stone either dissolves or passes.

Thanks again!

From Betty T

Hello Ms. Chang:

I am one of your customers and have done two liver and gallbladder flushes and was successful on both but with different stones. The first flush had gray balls about the size of a dime; the second had stones pretty emerald green. Your stuff really works!!! I'm waiting for my new cholesterol count, but wanted to tell you that my cholesterol count was about 330 before the flush, and doctors just kept increasing the cholesterol medication with no success. I prepared for your flush for about 3 months with the Bitters and Gold Coin Grass, then after the flush my cholesterol dropped to about 240 -- they got readings they had never gotten before!!


I can't wait to get my next cholesterol count. Thank you for your wonderful products. They really are bitter, but I liked it better than someone taking a knife to me for surgery.

Grateful customer,
Betty T

From Ruth A

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your website and products. I believe I had a high level of mercury at birth. Circumstances and the lfe style of my family caused me to accumulate more. My body was becoming more toxic all the time. I was allergic to so many things; canned food (metal cans), tuna, crabs, beverages in alumium cans, etc. In 1998 my body shut down. I was so sick I thought surely I would die. There were many days I knew death would be better than living as I was.

Then I discovered on my own through research on the internet what my problem was. Getting well was my priority. My progress slow. I eat only organic products, drink distilled water, use glass cookware, supplement, and use natural detoxifiers AND I still was still sick.

I started using your products in February and knew they were doing something. I didn't feel better at first. I actually felt worse. The end of May I was sick for a few days and then I passed this nasty green lokking stuff. For the first time in years I began having blocks of time that I felt almost normal. These blocks of time began to get longer.

Just recently, I have passed stuff I have never seen before. Globs of stuff that remind me of the hunks of fat in a chicken. I am assuming that this is from the liver. Three days I dumped horrible looking things. I believe my liver is in bad shape, but with your products I also believe that it will eventually be healthy again.

Without your website I would still be sick. Your information and products have been a lifesaver for me. My energy is increasing. I can think more clearly and feel happier. Many of my symptoms are disappearing. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with others. May God Bless You.

Warm Regards,
Ruth A

From Beverly S

Ms. Chang,

I came to your office approximately two months ago & purchased the Chinese Bitters and Gold Coin Grass...first I took the CB for 2 weeks & then the GCC for 3 weeks, and this weekend I did the gallbladder flush, with great success!! I think another flush in about a month's time would be a good idea, as suggested on your website.

I feel such relief, & have since starting the GCC. My abdomen is no longer swollen & hard, it's normal again.

Thank you so much for your presence on the world wide web. My doctor had counselled for surgery, but I knew there had to be a better way. I'm glad I found you.

Beverly S

From Lynn W

I read all of your material and found it quite interesting and informative. I decided to begin treatment of recently diagnosed gall stones with the Gold Coin Grass mixture and supplemented this daily regime with one tablespoon of the Meta Plus in the morning when waking up. After several weeks I noticed that, in addition to having no recurrence of the stomach pains I had been experiencing, my constant and unrelieved heartburn and acid reflux disappeared. Prior to taking these medications, I had been consuming large quantities of Mylanta, Tums, Maalox, etc., to relieve symptoms every day, and these did not necessarily have to be triggered by known food factors eg: coffee, chocolate, high rats, and the like. I was having acid attacks from water, bland food, and no food. This has completely disappeared.

While I have tried to change my diet completely to relieve any kinds of "stress foods" known to aggravate the digestive system, I occasionally still indulge in some of the forbidden foods on a gall bladder recovery diet and I still have no symptoms of the acid and heartburn I had experienced prior to the treatment with Gold Coin Grass. This is truly a remarkable product. I plan to continue the course of treatment by changing to a Chinese Bitters in the morning after the GCG is gone (probably another day or two) and when this is finished, to go back on the GCG for another few weeks until that is almost complete. I then hope to do a complete liver and gallbladder flush to see what happens. I just wanted you to know that your gall bladder treatment had an unexpected, but truly wonderful side effect for me with the elimination of the heartburn and chronic acid reflux.

Lynn W.

From Joan W

I am writing to tell you how extremely impressed I am with you, your company, and your products. By a stroke of extreme blessing from God, I stumbled onto your website last month, and read about gallstones and the Gold Coin Grass tincture. I ordered one bottle of it, and have been so very thankful that I did. I was diagnosed with gallstones and kidney stones last October, and after discussion with my doctor (a D.O. who is very open-minded and very knowledgeable about herbal medicine), I decided to try a natural approach to healing, rather than surgery. However, I had a strong aversion to the olive oil treatment. I have a very strong gag reflex and it made me throw up every time I tried it. So, I continued to be in pain and wondered if the only option available to me was surgery. Then I found your website and read most of the wealth of information you have there, especially the part concerning gallbladder dysfunction/gallstones, and ordered the Gold Coin Grass. It has helped me tremendously!


The product was very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I also appreciate the information regarding diet, as I had very little information as to what to eat and what foods to avoid before reading your website. As long as I eat correctly and take the Gold Coin Grass every morning before breakfast, I am pain-free most of the time. The pain was at times so bad before I discovered this wonderful product that I had to take time off from work and go home and curl up with a heating pad on my side. Thank you for your years of hard work and diligence and caring enough to share your knowledge with people who are in pain and prefer a natural approach to healing.

Incidentally, I have a very keen interest in alternative (or complementary) medicine, and have studied and read about herbal/natural medicine for about 20 years, and my plan is to one day become a Doctor of Naturopathy. I would hope that I would be fortunate enough one day to be able to meet you personally, and that you would be so kind as to share some of your vast knowledge with me, especially about Chinese Traditional Medicine. I pray that God will richly bless you and your company. Thank you again.

Joan W.

From Dana V

Hi Julia!

I have some great news. I just started taking the GCG on Monday and this morning, I passed quite a few gallstones! I thought that this was incredible as I haven't even started the actual flush. I was going to do that in a couple of weeks. I just thought that you may be interested in knowing.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. Have a great day! :)

Dana V

From Lidija H

Dear Julia,

just wanted to let you know about improvement of my health.

After I have finished with one bottle of Chinese Bitters and Coptis I did my first gallbladder flush as you recommended during our phone talk. That month I started my first job in Canada and very suprisingly I managed to be all day at work while menstruating. The first 5-6 hours of the first day of menstruation were usually unbearable for me.

This time I didn't feel fit as other days but I could be in the office without any difficulties. Just recently I had third normal menstruation in a row and I can say that my health has improved. In the meantime I did another gallbladder flush as you recommended and, just like you said, more stones (mostly very small ones and one big) went out. I'm continuing with Chinese Bitters and Coptis and I'm recommending your web sight to all of my friends even if they don't have any health problems. I only hope that this all will help me to conceive.

Thank you so very much for sharing your experience and knowledge with others.

My best regards,
Lidija H

From Deb J

Dear Julia,

I am on the 3rd day of a fast and yesterday I passed about 6 stones without flushing them.  Some green & 2 were white, round & hard like clay, all the way through.  Do you think it is because of the bitters that I am continuing to take while I am fasting on apple juice?

I feel really great.  No pain in that area at all.  I will continue to fast for 7 more days & then I am going to flush.  I will follow that with GCG and then another flush.

It has been about one year that I have been working on the stones. Altogether I have passed about 140 of them that I was able to count.  Some were in peices and I could not count them.  I feel weaker than usual on this juice fast.  Do you think that it is because of the Chinese Bitters?  Other than that I am having no side effects.

One year ago I wore a size 18-20 dress & now I wear a size 8!!!!!!  That has been a good side effect from getting these stones.  My husband says that now I have become a shop-aholic for clothes, but he loves my new body. I don't know if you will be able to see it or not but I am going to send you a picture of the new me.  I will send an old one when I was heavy & a new. I have lost 10 pounds since this picture but have not taken pictures since.

Thank you for all of your help on what to eat & how to rid myself of the stones.  I look forward to being completely free of them.

Write soon,

From Dale W

Good Day Julia;

I talked with you a few months back regarding a gallbladder problem I have had. I also used your Gold Coin [Grass] as a preempt to doing my cleanses.  As of this date I have done five and I am without stones according to an ultrasound done about a month or so ago. However, I had taken some pictures of stones that I had passed on my third flush done around May and thought you may want to see just how large they were. Needless to say I was! It isn't what I would call a beautiful picture of a landscape or something to that effect but then it is in line with our common interest in health. I can only hope you appreciate the reason for my sending you this because it isn't being sent to all my friends and relatives.

Click here to see the picture sent by Dale W.

From Jim C


We've done it!  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

As you know, my gallbladder attacks started in mid July.  In August, Ultrasounds showed gallstones (with one stone approx. 1.5cm across, according to the Radiologist).

After getting no results from Olive Oil/Lemon Juice or Olive Oil/Grapefruit Juice flushes (multiple flushes yielded no stones, even after apple juice fasting), I began herbal therapy in September (large doses of Lysimachiae Christina in tablet and tea form, along with preparations made from Lysimachia Christina and Pig Bile).  I also started using your Gold Coin Grass formula in September.

Even with periodic Olive Oil flushes (which did start yielding stones, after beginning the Gold Coin Grass therapy), my condition continued to deteriorate, where I was unable to eat any food containing fat, without having a severe gallbladder attack, where I was "bent over double" from agonizing pain, all night long.

Then, I finally made a significant breakthrough last Sunday night (Oct. 31), when I did my second flush in three days, preceded by Epson Salts and warm water at two hour intervals before the flush.  Nine large yellow/green stones (between pea and peanut size) came out the next day (Nov. 1), along with a lot of smaller pieces and debris..  I have been feeling better and better since.  I performed one more flush this past Friday night (Nov. 5), and got several smaller pieces, and even more smaller debris.

I have been feeling lots of bile flow in my right side since the November 5th flush.  We've finally unclogged my liver, biliary ducts and gallbladder!  Last night, I went out to eat to test the results.

I ate a Caesar Salad with real egg and lots of cheese, along with a loaf of homemade bread with real butter to start off.  Then I ate a large steak (Filet Mignon of course), with Grilled Salmon Steak, Shrimp,  Rice and Peas.  For desert, I ate a large piece of "Lemon/Lime" Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce.  I was feeling so good, I couldn't resist eating two ice cream bars when I got home, for good measure.  My wife was worried and scared that I would have my worst attack ever, but I was confident that the stones were gone.

I was right!  I had no Gallbladder attack last night, and my food actually digested (in recent weeks, the food was coming out the same way it went in at times, and stayed yellow for the most part the rest of the time).  Not now! My stool was dark brown and firm this morning.  I can hardly believe it.  Over the course of my sickness, I have lost 4 inches in my waist (from a 38" waist to a 34" waist) and over 30 pounds of body weight (from about 190 pounds to 160 pounds).  Even one bite of steak would set off a severe gallbladder attack lasting many hours, prior to the last two Olive Oil flushes.  In fact, the worst attack I've had lately came from eating a single piece of skinless grilled chicken breast (a big mistake at the time), causing me to be bent over double in agony for over 8 hours, taking strong pain killers and muscle relaxers.

If it weren't for your support, I would have never had the willpower to get through this very difficult past few months.  I have had many, many, severe attacks, that severely tried my desire to keep my gallbladder, but I'm glad that I persevered.

The doctors said that the herbs would not work.  After reviewing the results from the Ultrasound, a surgeon told me that my gallbladder would have to come out.  He explained why the herbs would not work for me (stones too large, ducts too small, etc.), and told me to schedule the surgery, and go straight to the hospital if I had another attack in the interim, and call him from there.  Believe me, it was very hard not to go to the hospital during my severest attacks (I've had many attacks since the doctors told me that my gallbladder would have to be removed).  They were wrong!!!!!!

We've finally done it!  I can eat without attacks again.  To eat real food again is wonderful!   My dinner last night was fantastic.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help and support, and feel free to use me as a reference for your products.  They work.

Best Wishes for Continued Success!

Jim C

From Paul K

Dear Julia,

I'm sitting here in our den after dinner this Sunday evening watching our Green Bay Packers on tv, and yet my thoughts go to you and your "sensible" products.  It was about two months ago that I sent my first order to you with an outline of my health situation.  With my product shipment you sent an assuring note that made sense of my symptoms.  Although I'd had various symptoms for years it wasn't until I could hardly function at work or home this summer that I began looking for help with some urgency. Apparently I was fortunate to discover your webpage.  It never occurred to me that one common ailment could cause my problems.  To make a long story short, I am over halfway through your process and can hardly believe the change in me. Eating is again a pleasure and I find myself eating things like dairy products and fried foods.  Thank you, Julia.

Thank you for your knowledge, courage, and ingenuity.  God bless.

Best regards,
Paul K

From Michael E

Hi Julia,

I wanted to pass along my gratitude for helping my resolve my gallstone problem.  About four weeks ago I received the Gold Coin Grass and Curcuma with Bupleurum and began taking both immediately.  After the first week I notice the stone stuck in my cystic duct or bile duct had been dislodge and immediate relief from pain.  After taking both tincture for another week I began a two week intestinal cleansing and detoxification program.  And then last Saturday I began the liver/gall bladder flush and on Sunday I passed close to 500 stones ranging in size from as large as a quarter to as small as a grain of sand.  I believe I am on the road to total recovery (I want to do a few more flushes) and will practice annual maintenance to prevent such situation from recurring.

Once again thank you very much for your warm and friendly guidance.

Gratefully yours,

From Krystyn B and Raymond S

Greetings Julia,

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I consider finding you and your products a real miracle!  Since he's been taking the Golden Coin Grass/ Coptis Sausurea/ Curcuma Bupleurum combination there have been only 2 instances that he began to have a gallbladder attack.  On each of these times (at night), he took the Coptis-Curcuma combination and literally, within seconds -- the pain and inflamation were gone !!  What a tremendous difference from the monthly agonizing attacks !    I guess the next step is to do the flush, but Raymond supposedly has numerous small stones and we're a bit afraid of one of them getting lodged in the bile duct.  (If you have any supporting words about doing the flush witht the small stones as opposed to the larger stones, we'd love to hear it :-> )


You may remember us from a couple of years ago when we lived in NY - we were buying all your gallbladder remedies in bulk for my husband.  (Everything worked out beautifully, by the way, thank you again!).

Thank you,
Krystyn B & Raymond S

From Vera S

Just had to let you know about your Chinese Bitter Tincture remedy. It has done wonders for me.

For years I have suffered from digestive problems resulting in bloating and an extreme sluggish feeling, especially after eating. After using this product for only a few days I felt an immediate sense of relief.

I began to have more energy and the constant discomfort including dull pain on my one side has disappeared. An added bonus is that my eyes have lost a lot of the redness.

I feel years younger and never felt better. Love this product.

Your truly,
Vera S

From Judith O

I first began taking Gentian last March. I had been on hormone replacement therapy and was trying to stop taking medication. The dull ache in my right side gradually disappeared and my eyesight became much improved.

I then took the Kidney and Liver strengthening formula and my digestive system seemed to work more efficiently. After awhile I feel the liver ache coming back and take the Gentian again. Gradually I hope to strengthen my liver. Both my father and grandmother had serious liver problems.

Also, after taking the Gentian for about a week my head seemed clearer and I felt more awake.

Judith O

Note: I used milk thistle for several months. I didn't notice any difference at all- except my bank balance. Milk thistle is very expensive.

When I took the Gentian after one week I noticed results. I had been on Premarin and Progestin, plus pain pills and muscle relaxants for problems related to a serious accident. After three bottles of Gentian followed by the Liver and Kidney Tonic I do not need any medication at all.

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