Endometriosis and Infertility

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From Robbyn W

I'd just like to say that I was diagnosed with endometriosis in October of 2011 after three years of trying to convince my MD that there was something seriously wrong in my system. I found Julia's article about endometriosis and chinese bitters and coptis for liver congestion and decided to try the chinese bitters (my gallbladder was taken out 4 years ago).

Let me tell you, I felt much better for 2 months and then I ran out!! I then sank into the worst depression for 3 days that I had ever felt!! I have ordered more bitters and have been placed on a bio-identical progesterone as my own progesterone levels are non-existant. Cant wait to see how well they work when I have the hormone that naturally counteracts estrogen in tandem with the chinese bitters!! Thank you soo much for all your support and information - without it I'd be popping synthetic pills or looking at major abdominal surgery and Im only 39...!

From Jennifer R

Thank you so much. I have forwarded your recommendation to my brother. I would also like to say how grateful I am to you and this website. 8 years ago I found myself unable to conceive after having 2 children without problems. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery to address the issue. It was determined that the endo should not be affecting my ability to conceive. Rather than use fertility medication, which I discovered was extremely bad for endometriosis sufferers, I found your website. I used Coptis and Chinese Bitters for 3 months and conceived my third child.

2 years later I used the same regiman and conceived our 4th child again after 3 months of use. Josephine just turned 5 and Chase will be 3 in March. I believe that I not only suffer from endometriosis, but also from an undiagnosed under active thyroid. I have had it tested, but everything comes back fine. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with hydrophrenosis of the liver due to what was believed to be a congenital defect in one of my ureters. I was placed on very strong antibiotics for 4 weeks. I did not feel well for months afterwards.

In June I found out that I was pregnant. The first time in 7 years without using your products. Unfortunately I had a couple bleeding episodes and felt extremely sick the entire time I was pregnant. This pregnancy was very different than my previous 4. At 11 weeks I had a strong baby, but I began to hemmorrage and ended up in labor and ended up delivering a perfect 11 week old baby. I think this too may have been affected by my thyroid. For an entire year after the miscarriage, symtoms got worse; achy joints, exhaustion, low sex drive, depression. So once again I went back to your website and read about thyroid problems. I started taking Coptis and Chinese Bitters and all of my symptoms have improved, and/or disappeared completely. Thank you so much.


From Simona

I have endometriosis for about 2 years. In March my ultrasounds results were very bad. The size of my right ovary was 8.1cm and one of the doctors told me that I have to have a surgery to take out my uterus. Back in April, this year my husband found your site with cure for endometriosis.

I start the treatment 4 months ago. I had recently an ultrasound and the result is amazing. Now my right ovary is just 3.8 cm. I'm feeling great, my periods are much better. I just want to thank you very much for everything you do to help other people.

God bless you!

From Monika B

Hello, I am on my second cycle of chinese bitters/coptis/curcuma, pau d'arco tea, I have done a couple of liver flushes in between and I am feeling very well, my PMS symptoms are practically gone, my chocolate cravings non existent. I am very excited about this way of getting well. One thing, however: I have noticed my menstuations [are] extremely heavy, more than usually, should I stop the herbs during my period time?

Thanks, Monika B

Note from Julia: the product label for Chinese Bitters states that you should not use Bitters during menstruation.

From Elaina M

I am 27 years old.  About two years ago I stumbled across your web-page after years of suffering all the painful effects of endometriosis and having visited some of the best surgeons in Australia, and having had 2 invasive laporascopic surgeries, with no real success.  I ordered Chinese Bitters and Coptis and tried to stick to your suggested regime together with dietary changes.  You page is the first and only time I have seen endometriosis connected with liver health and it has truly changed my life.  My health is the best it has been in 15 years, my endometriosis symptoms are almost completely gone, I have lost 2 and 1/2 stone and I feel that my liver and general digestive health has has been restored to a healthy state.  So thank you very much for your web-page and for all the insightful and accurate information that it provides, it has truly been life-changing for me.

Gratefully yours,
A customer from Australia.

From Jacqueline C

Where do I begin?

This journey to good health and my quest for knowledge and well being began in 2001 when I suffered from high blood pressure crisis.

I was driving ironically, past a hospital when I felt a wave of light-headedness.  I felt my body want to shut down while feeling beside myself.  I convinced myself to continue to my home, rather then stop at the hospital emergency room.

As I climbed the stairs to second level of the house I blacked out, falling into the bathroom which is at the top of the stairs.  I don't have any idea how long I lay there, nor do I have any memory of falling and hitting my head.  Once I came around, I crawled into bed.

I slept in that next morning.  I slept without hearing the alarm clock go off at 6.00 a.m..  By 10:00 a.m. I rushed off to work in a panic.  That day at work felt surreal.  I was living outside myself and not functioning at all.  I was irritable and by 11:30 a.m. I was on my way back home.

Instead of going home I went straight to my doctors office with the hope of getting a last minute appointment.  My family doctor was not in, so I saw another physician.

He ran an initial battery of general tests and asked the necessary questions.  Once he took my blood pressure he paused, and looked me dead in my eyes with the most serious look.  Without saying a word, he proceeded to take my blood pressure again.

He quickly scratched something on a RX pad and instructed me to go across the hall and have the prescription filled right away.  He debated with himself to call an ambulance and have me transported to the nearest hospital.  My blood pressure was recorded at a dangerously high reading of 187/102.

Rather then go to the hospital, I filled the prescription and made a follow up appointment for the following day.

In the course of the next few weeks I was sent to a number of specialists and underwent several tests.  It was identified at this time that I had cysts on my right ovary.  I was told this would go away on it's own and not to worry about it.

Not long after that episode, I began to bleed outside of my menstrual cycle.  I made an appointment with my OBGYN to discuss this and for my annual check up.  She took the information and recommended I return to taking the pill.  Well I had stopped taking the pill once I had the high blood pressure episode, primarily because the pill should not be used by people with blood pressure issues.  So I chose not to return to the pill.  My instincts told me to stay away from the pill and I blamed the pill for my current health concerns.  Little did I know at the time, how true that was.

This all began in 2001.  By 2003 my complaints increased.  I felt I was not getting the support I was in need of from my long time family doctor, so I went off in search for a new doctor.  A doctor,  that would appreciate my desire not to be medicated. A doctor that would help me find the cause of my issues.  I didn't know that this was not possible.

I had, had enough of the medical profession not taking a complete picture.  I found a naturopathic doctor to discuss my issues with.  She had several options to work towards whole health.

I started going to a medical doctor that was fresh out of school in a new practice.  He listened to my complaints and made medically educated suggestions.  He also appeared to appreciate the fact that I was also seeing a naturopath.

I walked into the emergency room in 2004 with severe pain on my right side.  Prior to this visit, I had a romantic encounter with my boyfriend which caused extreme pain and bleeding.  My body was constipated and so I performed my first enema, thinking this was the cause of my pain and bleeding.

The emergency doctors confirmed I had polycystic ovarian cysts.  I asked why  the bleeding increased, when I moved my bowels.  The uninformed doctor stated that the colon was no where near the ovary and one had nothing to do with the other.

With this information gathered from my trip to the emergency room my new doctor felt that endometriosis was my issue and proceeded to make referrals to determine if this was the case.

His medical intervention lead to getting appointments with top notch specialists.  It was identified that I had ascites.  Ascites is the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.  I noticed my belly was growing large when I went to the emergency in severe pain.  At the time, I assumed I just needed some dedicated time on a treadmill.

Typically with the presence of ascites, individuals suffer from liver disease or cancer.  Liver disease was ruled out early on.  As a result, I was referred to a specialist at a leading cancer hospital in Toronto.

I experienced two biopsies and several tests.  None produced results which confirmed cancer.  However, the doctors still continued to operate under the assumption that cancer was lurking somewhere.

I had no symptoms outside of the mentioned presence of ascites and constant bleeding. In my own logic, I concluded that the cysts were releasing their contents into my abdomen.  I suggesting this to one of the several attending doctors I was seeing and was told, that they have never seen endometriosis cause ascites, so that could not be the case.

A laparoscopy was performed in February 2006.  Doctors removed over 5 liters of chocolate brown fluid from my abdomen.  They discovered endo cells matted to my intestines.  They were unable to see my ovaries due to the extreme amount of endo cells "gluing" them in place beyond their view.

The specialists told me it was highly unlikely that I could have children without medical intervention.  I was advised to return to taking the pill, to control the endometriosis until menopause.   All this coming from people who didn't think it was possible for cysts to cause ascites.

Well this advice was unacceptable to me.  I pride myself in paying close attention to what goes into my body.  I have adopted [a] nutrient rich diet.  I have eliminated any substance that has been altered by man, including milk, inorganic vegetables, white flour, sugar or salt.  I avoid farmed meats, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils.

I went off in search of a solution to my issues.  My naturopath recommended homeopathic remedies which I have taken religiously.  I came across a website ( which spoke about a natural solution to endometriosis.  The products are offered on-line, however, I am one person who is not interested in making on-line purchase on items I am not familiar with.  To my surprise the location of the store was in my city and easily accessible.

I paid Julia Chang of a visit.  We spoke for about an hour as she shared her story with me.  I have been taking the Chinese bitters formulated by Ms. Chang.   In two months my bleeding has stopped!!  After 5 years of consistent spotting I have experienced a reprieve.  My blood pressure is within normal range; my skin (which has always been prone to breakouts) has cleared up.

My plan is to continue to follow my diet paying close attention to also eliminating plant estrogens and taking the Chinese bitters for the next several months.  I am so pleased with the outcome so far.  I suspect if I choose to have a child in the future, I will be able to.


I really want others to feel empowered to take natural remedies as solutions to their health concerns.  If my experience can help in some way, I welcome that.

I must congratulate you and Julia for sharing this information and products with the many who are seeking answers. I now swear by the Chinese bitters and I have recommended them to several friends who are also enjoying the benefits.

Kind regards,
Jacqueline C

From Mesha

Hi, i took the chinese bitters and coptis to help me get pregnant.  Well it worked and now my sister has been taking them and it didn't work.  Well they went to the doctor and found out that her husband is the one that can't get her pregnant.  Is there an herb that can help them?

P.S.  i have told you before, but THANKS again. My son is 18 months now.


Note: Chinese Bitters and Coptis can help manage male hormone levels, which might theoretically have an effect on male infertility, but male infertility can have many causes.

From Kerri A


I have had very irregular cycles for the last two years.  (about 45-50 days)   I took chinese bitters and coptis for 3 weeks and now my period is here today!   I am so excited because this is the first step towards helping me get pregnant!   I will start the bitters again once my period is over.  I also think that we may still have to do IVF because we have male factor also. We shall see.

Thank you again for helping me begin regular cycles!
Mrs Kerri A

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